DaBaby Overwhelmed By Capturing & Stopping Headlines:  “What Attain You Need From Me?”

DaBaby took to his Instagram story to put up a viral video of singer Tyrese asking “what more sort you wish from me?” The embattled North Carolina rapper has had an eventful previous few weeks to order the least and the weight is it seems to be to be getting to him.



DaBaby has had rather an eventful previous few weeks. Is this all too great for the Grammy-nominated artist? 

In less than a week, he shot an outsider at his dwelling, fought an artist signed to his have worth, and now could perchance perchance be reacting to the free up of the video of a shooting that he was once thinking about in 2018 at a North Carolina Walmart.

Apparently overwhelmed, the controversial rapper spoke out. DaBaby posted a ask on Instagram asking what more folks want from him.

“nas finished took 30 million from me, lie on me once a week, want my beautiful ass BM’s to hate me, want me to lose fights I don’t begin, WHAT MORE DO U WANT FROM MEEE?😂😂😂😂😂”


After a recent performance in Columbia, South Carolina, a particular person within the serve of the curtain captured DaBaby on video in a physical altercation alongside with his have artist, Wisdom. 

DaBaby signed Wisdom to his worth, Billion Greenback Entertainment, in 2019. DaBaby could perchance even be considered on the video exhibiting to toddle away sooner than throwing a punch at Wisdom’s face and then the two being damaged up by bystanders. 

Neither Dababy nor Wisdom has commented on the incident.  In June 2021, Wisdom and DaBaby were thinking a pair of shooting in Miami and so that they regarded to be on better phrases obviously then.

Social media reacted to the most trendy news of hip-hop’s most contemporary inferior boy with one user on Twitter citing, “This steadily is the very most appealing time for Wisdom to tumble a tape. By no design heard of him till this morning. #DaBaby”. 

One other Twitter user felt that Wisdom received the simpler of his worth’s CEO and immediate that DaBaby safe some madden administration treatment.   He tweeted, “Wisdom hit his ass so laborious you ain’t finna ho a grown ass man factual because you signed him dababy received madden considerations fr fr” 

Sooner than Dababy made headlines for shooting an outsider days ago, he was once thinking a pair of battle that was once captured on video at a bowling alley alongside with his baby’s uncle, Brandon Bills. 

Fortunately for the in-nervousness rapper,  Brandon Bills has chosen now to no longer press costs. Bills would be successfully inside of his rights to sort so as video evidence shows him being struck by DaBaby and his crew at the bowling alley.

Wisdom hit his ass so laborious you ain’t finna ho a grown ass man factual because you signed him dababy received madden considerations fr fr

— Porchboy Flacko (@RealPorchboy) April 23, 2022

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