Colbert Mocks Response by ‘Cowardly’ Republicans to Texas College Massacre (Video)

Stephen Colbert spent substantial time in his monologue on Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Point to” talking about the horrific assassinate of 19 children and 2 teachers by a gunman at a Texas classic college. And for the length of his comments, he many times called out the ‘solutions’ supplied by conservatives.

Nonetheless first, Colbert also argued that the ban on assault weapons wants to be reinstated.

“Though it could perhaps in point of fact perhaps presumably fair additionally be argued there are a quantity of causes, we know the greatest attach off of these tragedies is the guns. And acceptable now the US has approximately 400 million firearms, which is bigger than 40% of the total guns in all of the world,” Colbert acknowledged as he started the phase. “That stat’s even more harrowing alive to on that now we relish got 100% of the world’s Floridas.”

“Now there’s a straightforward, if extremely complicated solution: Slice assist the choice of guns. We’ve performed it sooner than, and it worked. Joe Biden is aware of that,” he continued.

Colbert performed an excerpt from Biden’s remarks about the taking pictures on Tuesday night time, wherein he illustrious that after the assault weapons ban handed in the 1990s mass taking pictures declined severely. And when the ban changed into lifted, mass shootings tripled.

“That’s not complicated. If there’s less of one thing that is built to abolish of us, fewer of us will most definitely be killed with that thing. That’s why on the present time, you glimpse so few mass catapult attacks,” Colbert acknowledged.

“Now, there are things Congress could perhaps perhaps presumably terminate, acceptable now. Congress beautiful refuses to entire them. Shall we stutter the Senate could perhaps perhaps presumably pass HR-8, a invoice that changed into handed by the residence over a 300 and sixty five days previously which would end loopholes in the background assessments regulations. It’s being held up by Senate Republicans, presumably for that reason of background assessments are supported by ‘handiest’ 90% of voters,” Colbert continued.

“90%! Basically the most helpful thing more popular than background assessments is Dolly Parton riding a substantial corgi bringing you free ice cream, and birthday intercourse.”

Colbert then brought up how Democratic Texas gubernatorial hopeful Wager O’Rourke interrupted a self-serving speech about the massacre by Texas’ fresh Governor Gregg Abbot. O’Rourke illustrious, accurately, for the length of his interruption that Abbot is “doing nothing” about the sphere.

“That’s not beautiful Beto,” Colbert joked. “They’re not doing nothing. They’re yelling at you for pointing out that they’re doing nothing.”

“Some of us, which you can, name this a stunt. Nonetheless all he’s doing is calling bulls— on their lie, the lie that ‘they’ll terminate anything else that could perhaps perhaps presumably fair upset the gun foyer that lines their pockets,” Colbert added.

“One other liar” on that stage in Texas, Colbert continued, “changed into Texas Authorized knowledgeable General Ken Paxton,” who, Colbert illustrious, went on Fox News on Tuesday night time, the attach he acknowledged: “We can’t end imperfect of us from doing imperfect things. They’re gonna violate assassinate criminal guidelines, they’re not gonna observe relaxing criminal guidelines. I’ve never understood that argument.”

“I gotta stutter, ‘criminal guidelines are pointless’ is a courageous situation for the Authorized knowledgeable General,” Colbert acknowledged as soon as the clip of Paxton ended. “I judge he beautiful supplied the purge.”

Nonetheless Colbert held explicit scorn for “perhaps the nothing-est nothing that ever nothinged,” a press start by Georgia Republican congressperson Marjorie Taylor Green, who deflected from the particular field on Tuesday to falsely mutter the problem is mental effectively being.

Colbert joked that it’s unfair to stutter Republicans relish “no solutions,” for that reason of “they with out a doubt relish some graceful imperfect solutions.” Among them, as Colbert illustrious, is the root of arming teachers.

“It’s not beautiful the lecturers who these cowardly dipsticks judge wants to be armed,” Colbert acknowledged. He then performed clips of diverse conservative weirdos asserting that security at colleges will most definitely be handled without cost by retired defense force and ex-law enforcement officials and diverse such of us volunteering.

“Sure, that is their wise answer to our epidemic of gun violence: Arm the seniors. They shouldn’t be stressful to search out, they’re all people of the AAR-15,” Colbert quipped.

Colbert also mocked a visitor on Sean Hannity’s present Tuesday, who urged installing give an explanation for booby traps spherical colleges to grab seemingly assailants, which he many times called “man-traps.”

“Sure, it’s outing wires and man traps, it’s stairs covered in diminutive toy autos, it’s overwhelmed up Christmas adorns on the floor, it’s hot irons on pulleys that swing and hit the imperfect guys in the face, it’s cardboard cutouts dancing in front of the windows, I noticed all of it in that documentary with Joe Pesci,” Colbert joked. He changed into, clearly, describing the occasions of “House By myself.”

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