Coi Leray Finds Her Family Went Broke After Her Dad, Benzino’s Journal ‘The Source’ Flopped

Coi Leray has aired out her dad Benzino’s soiled laundry, revealing how the family went broke after Hip Hop magazine “The Source” came to an stop. Benzino is pissed.

Coi Leray


All the diagram in which by an interview with The Breakfast Membership, Coi Leray took time to illustrate how her family went broke after The Source Journal, founded and owned by her dad, Benzino, came to an stop. All the diagram in which by the interview, Leray expressed her fact about residing in the shadows of her dad before her rise to fame. She also shed gentle on how their relationship would possibly perhaps perhaps presumably honest be rocky and like their variations. Despite all of the drama, she does appreciate Benzino as her father. 

After the interview was once released Coi took to Twitter to protest that Benzino didn’t like what was once said in the interview and began to threaten the artist and her mom.

Coi tweeted,  “I detest to ship this shit to social media but my father need motivate. Sorry if I offended you on breakfast membership but don’t mistreat me or my mom because you detest to confess that we went broke after The Source.”

Coi then persisted exposing even more most principal ingredients of her family drama,  “He texting my mom threatening her talking about some ogle. Develop up YOU WAS JUST TRYNA GET HER TO DO GROWING UP HIP HOP !! WE DONT WANT THAT LIFE !!!! She’s tryna be here for me and make stronger me when you tryna gain every skill to pink meat with me and suck the existence out of me I’m drained”

In lieu of congratulating his daughter her debut album, Trendsetters, that’s establish of residing to be released the following day, Benzino was all over again fascinated about being known as ‘broke’ on the breakfast membership. Coi concluded her tweets with:

“I’m your only fucking daughter. You terrorized about being known as broke on the day of my debut album. You ain’t even textual narrate material me congratulations, you so bitter and homely. Ima pray for you.”

Coi and her dad like had an on-and-off relationship for a while.

No longer too long ago, Coi Leray forgave her father, Benzino, for nearly killing her Nicki Minaj collab after he spilled the beans early. Here’s now not the major time Coi has tried to establish her family first by patching up her relationship with Benzino.  Closing year, Coi took to Twitter to staunch the esteem she has for her dad.

All the diagram in which by her rise to stardom, Coi Leray uncovered the motive in the assist of her rocky relationship with Benzino and spoke previously about how Benzino went broke after The Source. Coi talked about her upbringing  last year, saying her father has lied relating to the existence he equipped for her rising up, suggesting that Benzino didn’t like as vital financially as he lets on.

“That n*gga is cap, cap, cap,” she said.  “We misplaced every part. Source was once gone. By the level I used to be once old ample to even perceive The Source, that sh*t was once gone”

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