Chip shortage anticipated to last until unique wafer plants begin in 2024

Bottom line: An quit to the chip shortage has been predicted. Sadly, it could in all probability perchance well now not be until 2024, when unique factories initiate increasing wafer output, that contrivance we have now obtained one more two years prior to things initiate returning to regular.

Study firm Techcet (by contrivance of The Register) writes that whereas manufacturing skill is rising, this is presumably now not sufficient to meet projected wafer inquire of in 2022 or 2023, impacting chip production and costs. It writes that 300mm wafers are being produced on the rate of 7,200 wafers per month (wpm), which is approximately equal to the projected inquire of, but that inquire of is increasing rapid, and wafers are specialised to buyer specs and gadget necessities, so present complications can vary in step with buyer needs.

Important wafer suppliers are investing in unique plants to meet skill, but it unquestionably takes a in reality long time to contrivance and equip these companies and products—round two to three years—so unique production might perchance perchance well now not be on hand to alleviate present constraints until 2024.

Techcet notes that the wafer shortage is creating an different for designate spanking unique 300mm suppliers in China, who also can gain a pair of of the gaps if they can meet qualification standards. On the other hand, rising power and uncooked self-discipline fabric charges are conserving the force on manufacturers and pushing up prices.

Whereas that’s now not the news patrons want to hear, silicon wafer makers must now not complaining in regards to the label of their products going up. Techcet predicts that the market will generate $15.5 billion in earnings this year, up 14.8% from 2021. It marks the most critical time in over a decade that the wafer market will skills two consecutive years of double-digit negate.

The account arrives quickly after industry consortium SEMI introduced that semiconductor manufacturers worldwide must now not off beam to raise 200mm fab skill by 1.2 million wafers to hit a file 6.9 million wafers per month, helping ease the chip shortage. This will be passe to compose low-label chips such as analog, power management and sign driver constructed-in circuits (ICs), MOSFETs, microcontroller models (MCUs) and sensors for applications such as 5G, automotive and Internet of Issues (IoT) devices.

Supreme month introduced extra unwelcome chip-linked news when specialised chip tool manufacturers love ASML, Lam Study, Applied Offers, and KLA warned their purchasers that they can also merely must motivate as a lot as 18 months to gain serious tools.

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