Ben Kelley Wins Tiger Bustle GNCC, Goes 4-for-4 to Begin Season

Ben Kelley Wins Tiger Run GNCC, Goes 4-for-4 to Start Season

The following press liberate is from GNCC Racing:

UNION, South Carolina — Mountainous Buck Farm hosted round four, Dunlop Tire Tiger Bustle, of the 2022 Big Nationwide Inferior Country (GNCC) Sequence presented by Specialized, an AMA Nationwide Championship, this past weekend, March 27. The subtle and sunny stipulations made for a enormous day of racing through the South Carolina trails, and after three hours of intense battles it became FMF/KTM Factory Racing’s Benjamin Kelley taking dwelling his fourth consecutive decide of the season.

Jordan Ashburn jumped out to grab $250 All Balls Racing XC1 Pro Holeshot Award aboard his Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna-backed machine. Kelley became in tow, nevertheless as they emerged from the woods Kelley would switch into the lead earn 22 situation with Ashburn about 12 seconds within the abet of him. 

Because the race persisted on, Kelley would beginning as a lot as settle accurate into a creep as he maintained the lead over Ashburn and the leisure of the XC1 Pro self-discipline at some stage within the race. Kelley would attain through after seven intense laps to ticket his fourth consecutive total decide of the season. Kelley maintains the functions lead by 38 functions after four rounds of racing. 

“It’s a prolonged season and all people is going rapidly available within the market, so I’m factual going to retain working appealing, having enjoyable and taking it one race at a time,” acknowledged Kelley in a put up-race KTM press liberate. “I’m factual searching to ride it, every decide is awesome, and I’m making an are trying no longer to factual toddle over them savor I truly enjoy within the past and in actuality savor them.”

Ashburn persisted to push within the 2d location earn 22 situation nevertheless would salvage himself unable to take care of close Kelley to strive towards for the lead. Ashburn would contaminated the line to ticket his easiest manufacture of the season to date, 2d total. That is Ashburn’s third look on the rostrum in four rounds, and he at the moment sits 2d within the functions standings. 

Jordan Ashburn (Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna) clinched second overall at round four.

Jordan Ashburn (Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna) clinched 2d total at round four. Ken Hill

Rockstar Strength Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Trevor Bollinger battled abet from his sixth location beginning on lap one to round out the rostrum with a third total. Bollinger, who had been plagued with a knee distress in 2020 and the origin of 2021, had no longer been on the rostrum since the 2019 season and is now taking a scrutinize to be abet to the build he became before missing that year of racing. 

Landing factual off the rostrum in fourth, Rockstar Strength Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Craig Delong became fighting abet-and-forth at some stage within the race. DeLong would tumble abet to fifth on lap three, nevertheless he would dig deep and ticket his contrivance abet into fourth and continue to retain that earn 22 situation except the checkered flag flew.

“On the present time became a noteworthy day,” Delong acknowledged in a personnel liberate. “I had a tight beginning and made my contrivance into third for a little bit across the midway point nevertheless I’ve been sick all week and that illness more or much less caught up with me available within the market. About two hours in, I began to genuinely feel it. I factual more or much less hung on and did what I could also. I came out of right here with some solid functions and a tight manufacture, so I’m satisfied. I’ll strive to recover and peek if we are in a position to salvage abet on the box for subsequent race.”

Rounding out the pinnacle five in XC1 became South Carolina’s enjoy, Rev Motorsports/GASGAS Racing-backed racer Grant Baylor. Baylor would alternate between sixth and fifth for the first half of of the race, nevertheless as the white flag flew Baylor would retain onto that fifth location within the XC1 Pro class except he crossed the manufacture line. Cobequid Mountain Sports/GASGAS Canada’s Tyler Medaglia came through to ticket sixth in XC1, his 2d high-10 manufacture of the season. Medaglia continues to enhance within the sequence and did over again all over this past weekend’s three-hour race as he started the day off in eighth location.

“It became a factual race,” Bollinger acknowledged in a Husqvarna advise. “As soon as I made it into third, I became more or much less by myself. These boys obtained ahead and establish savor a minute on us and I graceful critical managed that gap. I slice it down one time later within the race nevertheless I factual don’t deem I had sufficient to take care of close Jordan. This podium feels factual, it’s been a prolonged road to salvage right here from the build I became. I’ve completed critical better than third nevertheless I deem this tops all of it after all the pieces I’ve been through. Lacking a year of racing, you don’t label how critical you lose. I’m factual grateful to be abet the build I became. In consequence of all people who had my abet.”

Trevor Bollinger (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) returned to the podium after battling back to earn third overall on the day.

Trevor Bollinger (Rockstar Strength Husqvarna Factory Racing) returned to the rostrum after fighting abet to ticket third total on the day. Ken Hill

Taking off his day all over the pinnacle-five became FMF/KTM Factory Racing’s Josh Toth. Because the race wore on Toth would strive towards factual out of doors podium competition before shedding abet to seventh. Toth could be ready to cost abet to fifth about midway through the race, nevertheless after a couple racing incidents later within the race he would attain through to ticket seventh in XC1, 10th total on the day.

“Now not a enormous day for me. I obtained a tight beginning and rode mid-pack for the first two laps nevertheless I couldn’t somewhat salvage satisfied,” acknowledged Toth. “I indirectly started feeling satisfied and reeling within the pinnacle guys nevertheless then I had an incident with another racer that slice down in front of me and I had nowhere to dawdle so I slammed into him. On the same lap, I had another incident with a lapper and factual mangled my bike. I had to salvage the front-fracture straightened out factual so I could also withhold rolling and I lost a bunch of time. I’m definitely ready for the next round!”

Gnarly Routes/KTM Racing’s Russell Bobbitt made his contrivance abet to GNCC Racing this weekend in South Carolina. Bobbitt would enjoy a mid-pack beginning nevertheless would salvage himself abet in ninth as they came through timing and scoring on lap one. Bobbitt would continue to push for the next three hours, nevertheless he would contaminated the line eighth in XC1 at the fracture of the day.

Incomes ninth in XC1 became the Swedish racer, CEC Bikes/GASGAS Scandinavia’s Rikard Hansson, who became pitting with the Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing personnel for the first four rounds of the season. Then rounding out the pinnacle 10 became AmPro Yamaha’s Layne Michael, who returned to racing this round from a lingering shoulder distress. Michael would enjoy a factual beginning as a lot as the day as he came through in third location for the first two laps. On the opposite hand, after lap three he would take a look at in at the sixth location earn 22 situation nevertheless would then withdraw early from the race. 

Lyndon Snodgrass (Babbitts Online/Monster Energy/Kawasaki Team Green) battled back to earn his first XC2 250 Pro class win of the season in South Carolina.

Lyndon Snodgrass (Babbitts Online/Monster Strength/Kawasaki Crew Green) battled abet to ticket his first XC2 250 Pro class decide of the season in South Carolina. Ken Hill

Because the 2d row took off it became the Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna’s Jack Edmondson who earned himself the $250 STACYC XC2 250 Pro Holeshot Award. When the community emerged from the woods on lap one it became the AmPro Yamaha rider of Mike Witkowski main the contrivance. But as time wore on Babbitts Online/Monster Strength/Kawasaki Crew Green’s Lyndon Snodgrass would continue to push onward as he closed in on Witkowski. 

Witkowski could be unable to retain off Snodgrass and as they came through on lap three Snodgrass would retain the lead with a 3 2d gap between himself and Witkowski. On lap four Witkowski would stumble on a vine which caught his leg pulling him from the bike and atmosphere him abet for the leisure of the race. Snodgrass would continue to push his contrivance towards the front, working fourth total on adjusted times, and crossing the manufacture line with a 42 2d gap. 

Phoenix Racing’s Ruy Barbosa battled abet-and-forth from 2d to third for the bulk of the race, nevertheless as he persisted to push on, he would retain onto 2d for the final three laps of the three-hour race. Barbosa would attain through to ticket 2d within the XC2 250 Pro class, while RPM/KTM Racing’s Angus Riordan made his contrivance from the abet of the pack to land his first XC2 and GNCC podium ever.

Brody Johnson (Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna) returned to the center of the podium as he earned the FMF XC3 125 Pro-Am class win, his second of the season.

Brody Johnson (Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna) returned to the heart of the rostrum as he earned the FMF XC3 125 Pro-Am class decide, his 2d of the season. Ken Hill

Within the FMF XC3 125 Pro-Am class it became the KTM-mounted rider of Scoot Gosselin grabbing the gas and earning the $100 Lojak Cycle Sales XC3 Holeshot Award. It wouldn’t hold prolonged for the Magna1 Motorsports/Husqvarna’s Brody Johnson to salvage his contrivance abet to the front of the pack after earning the decide at the same build abet in February. Johnson would lead the FMF XC3 class from beginning as a lot as manufacture as he came through with over a five minute lead on the leisure of the competition. 

Carolina XC/Moose Racing/XC Tools’s Zack Hayes would strive towards within the 2d location earn 22 situation with Motorcycle Enthusiast Inc/Moose Racing/MX Tech’s Hunter Neuwirth for majority of the race. Hayes would continue to retain onto 2d for the closing laps of the race with Neuwirth rounding out the pinnacle three as he came through 22 seconds within the abet of Hayes in South Carolina. 

The fracture newbie honors went to 250 A class winner, Tyler Palmer as he came through to manufacture 15th total on the day. Trevor Maley came through earning 2d on the pinnacle newbie podium with a 19th total ending earn 22 situation and a 2d within the 250 A class. Then, Neil Enman would round out the pinnacle newbie podium with his 22nd total ending earn 22 situation and decide within the Originate A class. 

Because the morning race obtained underway and the WXC line took off it became Lunge Jesters KTM Racing’s Korie Steede grabbing the $100 Lunge Jesters WXC Holeshot Award. On the opposite hand, it can quickly be AmPro Yamaha’s Rachael Archer making her contrivance into the lead earn 22 situation for the first two laps. Archer would undergo a crooked sprocket while out on lap two and would must kick again out as she watched her personnel swap out the abet wheel of her bike, costing her precious time. Archer would remount her machine, nevertheless she would only be ready to ticket up time to hold 10th location within the WXC class. 

Steede would then beginning as a lot as strive towards with Flit Racing/Oakley/FMF/KTM Racing’s Brandy Richards for the first location earn 22 situation as the two moved into first and 2d. Richards would retain the lead over Steede, nevertheless as the white flag flew Steede would establish her head down and push. Steede would strive towards abet to ticket her first-ever WXC and total decide.

Richards tried to strive towards abet, nevertheless she would indirectly attain through earning her first GNCC WXC podium manufacture in 2d total on the day. Rockstar Strength Husqvarna/Surge Off-Freeway Coaching Crew’s Tayla Jones rounded out the WXC class podium, and now sits tied within the first location earn 22 situation with Steede for the WXC functions lead with Archer sitting third factual one point within the abet of them.

Nick DeFeo earned his fourth-straight youth overall and YXC1 class win of the season.

Gash DeFeo earned his fourth-straight childhood total and YXC1 class decide of the season. Ken Hill

Within the 8 am. Formative years race it became Crew Green Kawasaki’s Nicholas DeFeo earning his fourth childhood total and YXC1 Broad Mini Sr. class decide of the season. DeFeo leads the contrivance within the childhood ranks through the first four rounds of the year. Peyton Feather and Sawyer Carratura battled abet to round out the pinnacle three childhood finishers and YXC1 podium.

Then within the YXC2 Broad Mini Jr. class it became Colby Goodman earning the class decide, while Ryan Amancio and Jiggs Fustini rounded out the pinnacle three. Canyon Richards would instruct dwelling the 85cc (12-13) class decide, while Ryder Sigety earned his first decide of the season within the 85cc Mountainous Wheel class, then within the 85cc (7-11) class it became Colton McQuarrie earning the class decide.

The 65cc (10-11) class saw Landon Husted hold the decide, as Levi Rains came through to ticket the 65cc (7-8) class decide. Karson George came abet and won the 65cc (9) class after earning the MXC1 class on Saturday. The Women Sr. class saw Addison Harris ticket the decide, while Paisley Harris would strive towards abet to hold the Women Jr. class decide. Within the Lunge Rider class, it became Tristan Vassey coming through to ticket to ticket the decide in his first race of the season.

Trason Landum earned the Micro overall win from the MXC2 class on Saturday.

Trason Landum earned the Micro total decide from the MXC2 class on Saturday. Ken Hill

Within the Micro Bike race on Saturday morning, it became Trason Landrum coming from the 2d row, MXC2 class, to ticket his first Micro Total and MXC2 class decide. Landrum lately took dwelling the decide in Indianapolis at some stage within the KTM Junior Racing Supercross tournament and would lead from beginning as a lot as manufacture in this day’s race.

Karson George came through to ticket the MXC1 class decide, and 2d total on the day. George battled abet and forth on the day to grab the class decide, his third class of the season. Maverick Boyer came through to hold 2d within the MXC1 class, with Brody Haugh rounding out the pinnacle three.

Hunter Jones would attain through to ticket 2d within the MXC2 class, as Levi Rains came through earning third in MXC2. Because the 50 Sr. 1 class came through it’d be Davey Fairfield earning the decide, with Tripp Lewis coming through to ticket the 50 Jr. 1 class decide. The 50 Sr. 2 class became won by Daxton Mullins, and the 50 Jr. 2 class became won by Jax Jordan. Within the Micro Shaft Power class, it became Krew Burns earning the class decide, as Colton Propst won the Lunge Rider class.

Corey Showalter received the AMSOIL Moto Hero at round four in South Carolina.

Corey Showalter obtained the AMSOIL Moto Hero at round four in South Carolina. Ken Hill

Corey Showalter obtained the AMSOIL Moto Hero. Showalter is 30 years mature and from Beckley, West Virginia. He serves within the USA Army as a Workers Sergeant (SSG) and has been deployed multiple times with his final deployment being in Afghanistan. Showalter will receive a $250 AMOSIL Hunting Spree, location of Kanati Truck Tires courtesy of GBC, 100% masks goggles and a commemorative American Flag from Columbia Signal & Co. in conjunction with a $200 Gift Certificate from them. 

The GNCC Sequence will return to racing on April 9-10 with the FMF Camp Coker Bullet in Society Hill, South Carolina at Moree’s Sportsman’s Withhold. Extra data on the tournament could also be came across online HERE.

For more data on the GNCC sequence, search recommendation from the legit web shriek at or name (304) 284-0084. Be a half of the dialog on the sequence Facebook page, be aware us on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to consistently hashtag #GNCC.

Below: Joe RecurringBen Kelley (center), Jordan Ashburn (accurate) and Trevor Bollinger (left) rounded out the pinnacle three total at Tiger Bustle.

Ken Hill

Dunlop Tire Tiger Bustle Results

Union, South Carolina

Round 4 of 13

Sunday, March 27, 2022

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