Assemble hand-drawn GIFs on paper

Assemble hand-drawn GIFs on paper.

How it works

Buckle up. It be straightforward!

1. Print 🖨️

Print an Arteater template.

2. Blueprint ✏️

Blueprint stuff in each frame.

3. Add 📱

Remove a checklist and upload.

Arteater digests your art and returns an fascinating GIF that it’s probably you’ll attach and share.


Print these.

Three frame loop

Challenge: Newbie

Basically one of the best loop.


Six frame loop

Challenge: Newbie

Rapid and straight forward


Nine frames with FG/BG

Challenge: Evolved

Foreground and background



Practice beneficiant seasoning.

Output Description
effect example Mario ( 👾)

Tickle your pixel-art nostalgia bone.

effect example Ping pong ( 🏓)

Leap your loop backward and forward.

effect example Coloration stagger ( 🍭)

Remove your art for a stagger spherical the coloration wheel.

effect example Rush ( 👋)

Rotate and rock your layers backward and forward.

effect example Blur attack ( 🤜)

Irritate your art with motion blur.

effect example Parallax ( 🚞)

Collect your art traveling through a landscape utilizing parallax.

effect example FPS [1–36]

Management the frames per second of your animation. Example: FPS 4.

Enter results on the Uploader net page.

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