Ask HN: I’m attracted to so many disciplines, however what can I develop with that?

Ask HN: I’m attracted to so many disciplines, however what can I develop with that?
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A pair of years succor I started dabbling in the social sciences and humanities (my background is in ecology / evolutionary biology), and grew to grow to be attracted to one discipline after but every other. From psychology to history of science to anthropology and sociology, to economics and politics, to philosophy and non secular studies and cultural studies, and heaps others.

I fetch it intrinsically motivating to transfer from lack of know-how slowly in direction of belief. I like reading textbooks to be taught basic ideas and taking a see thru tutorial titles factual to swim of their suggestions.

While I preferred university, I received’t be ready to address the demands of formal education (especially now not while raising a family). I also wouldn’t are searching for to develop any superior research levels as I absorb no endurance in studying a runt keep of living of problems (I tried it for science and it changed into horrendous).

While I absorb no dispute factual persevering with to detect these issues privately, I feel like something is missing. I feel like I are searching for to develop something more tangible with this breadth of interests, however I’m coming up empty in phrases of suggestions. I like writing and may maybe well maybe agree with having some sort of blog, however that’s looks so cliche?

Any suggestions? Most definitely examples of something others absorb carried out with their huge interests?

What does one develop with an intellectual life pretty a lot of than swimming thru intellectual sing material?

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