Apple Store hostage taker demanded $226,000 in cryptocurrency as ransom

Earlier than he became once apprehended by Amsterdam police, the suspect inflamed about Tuesday’s Apple Store hostage disaster demanded a €200 million (approximately $226 million) ransom paid in cryptocurrencies, Reuters reported on Wednesday. Police train they bear but to effect a motive for the 27-year-old gunman, whose identity they didn’t half. What we know is that he became once a resident of the city and had a prison account sooner than the match. He became once also carrying explosives on his person at the time of his arrest. 

The gunman became once apprehended after his hostage fled the building when a police robotic delivered water to the front of the shop. Police old a squad vehicle to knock him down, inflicting him extreme accidents. On Wednesday, he died of the accidents he sustained in his arrest. “The hostage played a daring role by forcing a step forward,” according to Amsterdam police chief Frank Pauw. “He acted in a slash up-second. Had he no longer performed that, shall we were in for a prolonged, imperfect evening.”

Consistent with Engadget’s research, Wednesday’s incident wasn’t the first time someone demanded a ransom paid in cryptocurrency to full a hostage disaster. In 2017, kidnappers in Ukraine launched an employee from a cryptocurrency substitute after their put a query to for a ransom paid in Bitcoin (valued at $1 million at the time) became once met.

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