Amazon Astro Can Enact More Than Patrol Your Dwelling

Amazon Astro on the floor of a house

Astro can finish so grand with straightforward yelp commands. 


Amazon Astro, the company’s $1,000 dwelling robotic, is more than a dapper content on wheels. It will have you a beer, patrol your home and even beatbox. Plus, this robotic’s persona and cute face makes it essentially feel worship a pal. For now, Amazon is handiest promoting Astro by invite handiest, but that likely will not be the case forever.

Because it gets an increasing form of polished, Astro, worship other Amazon Day 1 Editions sooner than it, will likely open to roll out to a elevated viewers — at which level its designate will soar to $1,500. With that designate imprint, the ask for heaps of folks is, what does Astro finish that’s price that designate imprint?

We build collectively a list of every thing Astro can finish to this level — so that you would have the ability to well possibly with reference to a resolution whether or not it’s essentially price the money for you.

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Dwelling security

Astro’s finest promoting level for heaps of folks will likely be its dwelling security choices. No longer handiest can it listen for breaking glass or alarms, the exercise of Alexa Guard, on the opposite hand it’ll additionally pair with a Ring Offer protection to Knowledgeable subscription to patrol your home whereas you are away, sending notifications if it senses something else out of the ordinary.

As well as to the computerized choices, that you would have the ability to well possibly additionally resolve management of Astro remotely and force it spherical your condominium, checking on the pets or youngsters — or correct guaranteeing you turned off the stove. To fetch a elevated-attitude peek, that you would have the ability to well possibly elevate Astro’s periscope camera to imprint from above countertop height.


  • “Astro, patrol the home.”
  • “Astro, I’m leaving.”

  • “Astro, disarm.”
  • “Astro, place monitoring to Dwelling.” 

Amazon Astro plugged into the wall of a house

Simply scream, “Astro, go to the charger” to place it return to the charging port.

Chris Monroe/CNET


While Astro doesn’t encompass a vacuum, it’ll gathered fetch loads done whereas it zooms spherical your condominium. That choices discovering folks (the exercise of Face ID), following folks, handing over snacks or drinks and charging your phone with a USB-C port.


  • “Astro, go to [name] within the [room name].”
  • “Astro, fetch [name].”
  • “Astro, apply me.”
  • “Astro, remind [name] to resolve out the trash.”
  • “Astro, resolve this to the [room name].”
  • “Astro, develop a to-finish.”
  • “Astro, go to the charger.”


If you’re going to need purchased youngsters, Astro might perchance well well additionally additionally be a pretty compelling (and admittedly costly) toy. Even supposing Alexa is on board, Astro very grand has a persona of its indulge in. You might perchance well well additionally build a ask to Astro to bounce, beatbox, rap, burp, imitate somewhat about a animals, talk, state and heaps more — and each and every request will likely be met with some cute stoop, expression and sound. My youngsters have already asked Astro to total the robotic a minimum of 30 times within the previous two days.

If you’re going to want a canines, Astro can pair with a Furbo pet camera to buzz spherical, launching treats alongside the vogue.

As well as to the more fresh stuff, Astro can additionally play song and circulate TV shows on its display cowl, correct worship an Echo Show dapper content. It might perchance well possibly also apply you spherical whereas it performs it.


  • “Astro, play [song].”
  • “Astro, beatbox.”
  • “Astro, state.”
  • “Astro, act worship a bumblebee.”
  • “Astro, let’s dance.”
  • “Astro, act worship a bird.”
  • “Astro, resolve a selfie.”
  • “Astro, play [podcast].”
  • “Astro, finish the robotic.”
  • “Astro, rap.”
  • “Astro, [pause, play, resume, stop, fast-forward, rewind].”
Amazon Astro patrolling a home

In patrolling mode, the periscope camera can go rather excessive. To shut the periscope characteristic, scream “Astro, down periscope.”



Again, worship an Amazon Echo, Astro can motivate facilitate verbal exchange, letting you video chat with some distance-away pals or family. And unlike countertop-sure dapper displays, Astro can also apply you spherical whereas you chat.


  • “Astro, name [name].”
  • “Astro, hold up” or “Astro, finish the resolution.”
  • “Astro, fall in on the lounge.”

  • “Astro, fall in on [name].”
  • “Astro, name for motivate.” 

  • “Astro, send a message to [name].”
  • “Astro, video name [name].”
  • “Astro, acknowledge the resolution.”
  • “Astro, play messages.”

Now taking half in:
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All the pieces Alexa can finish…

We have written a somewhat about a article to transfer in-depth with every thing Alexa can finish. Astro has Alexa in-constructed, so meaning every thing there, Astro can finish, too. You might perchance well well additionally buy affords with Amazon Prime, video chat, play song and much more.

Eye, the full list of commands that you would have the ability to well possibly give to Amazon’s Alexa and our roundup of the easiest Alexa skills.

We’re gathered studying. And so is Astro

Our relationship with Astro is fresh and sharp. In a approach, it’s worship we correct started dating and we’re making an strive to fetch to know each and every other — which takes a whereas. With that acknowledged, we gathered create not definitively know each and every affirm or capacity Astro is capable of proper now, but we’re working on it. 

As we have talked about, Astro is gathered a “Day 1 Version,” meaning this might perchance well inevitably establish and enhance. As we proceed checking out and our relationship with Astro grows, we can proceed to update this myth with more knowledge.

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