5 secret Roku menus to rep to perceive your streaming blueprint better than ever

Roku secret menus

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Roku streaming devices are loaded with perfect a lot every channel you can ever need. All of which are searchable staunch from the Roku Channel Store dwelling menu. However while Roku’s forward-going via UI is every responsive and intuitive, there is a shapely quantity of facts, info and settings beneath the hood, a mode of which you would rep entry to if you occur to already know how.

That is on account of a shapely selection of Roku hidden menus you would take a look at out on the entire most effective Roku streaming devices, all accessible by the utilization of strings of button inputs to your Roku some distance-off, more or less love coming into a cheat code in a on-line game. After testing these codes out for ourselves, we were shocked that they no doubt labored, but gay at how priceless about a of them no doubt are. 

That brings us to the sphere of this manual. We hold now highlighted 5 of the most priceless Roku hidden menus, all of which provide a lot capabilities and perception, leading to even higher control over your Roku streaming stick or blueprint. Read on, then, to learn about 5 hidden Roku menus and codes you fully have to take a examine to your self.

Roku system reboot

Roku factory reset

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The first item on our list is now not so a lot a menu as it is miles a reboot of your Roku blueprint. Whenever it is probably you’ll per chance per chance also very nicely be experiencing some spicy performance problems, corresponding to hitches with streaming or sluggish responsiveness, then rebooting your Roku streamer would per chance per chance also back solve those elements.

To enjoy a system reboot, press the Dwelling button 5 times, Up on the directional pad once, Rewind twice and at closing Swiftly Ahead twice.

Doing so would per chance per chance also reason the Roku interface to freeze up, nonetheless don’t awe, as the blueprint hasn’t crashed. It is staunch making ready itself for the reboot. Finally, the conceal conceal will run dim, followed by the acquainted Roku splash conceal conceal if you occur to boot up the blueprint.

Performing a system reboot is the next most effective thing if you occur to construct no longer have to undergo the brunt of the affect of a Roku factory reset, which can fully wipe your blueprint of its downloaded apps, accounts and login crucial aspects (more on that below). A system reboot is more of a delicate reset, then, and would per chance per chance also restore performance with out making you lose your entire apps.

Check your Wi-Fi establish energy

Working into frequent quality drops or buffering while staring at your favorite streaming channels to your Roku blueprint? Our next hidden menu enables you to love a flash name your Wi-Fi establish energy.

To rep entry to this menu, press the Dwelling button 5 times, followed by Up, Down, Up, Down, Up in that tell.

The Wi-Fi establish energy conceal conceal can reduction you settle any elements when it involves connection quality to your Roku blueprint, that would per chance per chance even hold an instantaneous cease on streaming quality when viewing your favorite apps.

This hidden menu displays its key facts as straightforward-to-learn, color-coded bars. These bars, representing establish energy, ought to quiet all appear green if there don’t look like any elements. However, they’ll dip lower to a yellow or purple hue.

In which case, we’d indicate no longer messing with the selections on this secret menu to protect away from any everlasting elements along with your Roku blueprint. As an alternative, it will be fee resetting your router, performing a system reboot (as outlined above), or contacting Roku enhance if elements persist.

Roku Channel Info secret menu

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Streaming apps on Roku will most steadily update themselves automatically. However if for regardless of reason, you get hold of your apps don’t look like updating, you’re going to be in a predicament to rep a touch more perception from this hidden channel info menu.

To rep entry to the Channel Files menu, press the Dwelling button thrice, followed by Up, Up, Left, Beautiful, Left, Beautiful, Left on the some distance-off’s directional pad.

The Channel Files menu will conceal a list of every app it is probably you’ll per chance per chance even hold installed to your Roku blueprint, in alphabetical tell. Subsequent to the app’s name is the version of that app you on the 2nd hold installed.

Whenever it is probably you’ll per chance per chance also very nicely be doubtful what the most new version of any given app ought to quiet be, you would head to this secret menu and tainted-take a look at the version it is probably you’ll per chance per chance even hold installed with what the most new is on the most new 2nd. This would possibly per chance even repeatedly be realized with a mercurial Google search, by coming into the app’s name followed by ‘most new version’ to illustrate.

You would per chance per chance also additionally uninstall apps from this menu by clicking OK to your some distance-off, followed by Hang away channel. Hang into tale you won’t be in a predicament to purchase the apps or capabilities which are baked into your Roku blueprint, corresponding to the ads library or the browser.

Seek HDMI crucial aspects

Roku HDMI secret menu

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In tell for you a more detailed breakdown of what image formats and refresh charges your Roku blueprint supports, then the HDMI secret menu will present you with the entire info you can have.

To rep entry to this secret menu, press the Dwelling button 5 times, followed by Down, Left, Up, Up, Up on the some distance-off’s directional pad.

As shown within the image below, the HDMI secret menu crucial aspects whether or no longer your Roku blueprint and the TV enhance HDMI outputs love 1080p, 4K at 60Hz, 4K HDR, and more. If ‘Yes’ is displayed next to these, then these outputs will be enabled automatically for the duration of your Roku streaming sessions and would per chance per chance also’t be modified with out adjusting the TV settings straight.

Roku factory reset

Roku factory reset menu

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If for regardless of reason or no longer it is miles a have to to roll your Roku blueprint reduction to its default factory settings, your streamer does hold an onboard ‘dismay’ button of kinds that’ll allow you to enact staunch that.

To rep entry to the factory reset menu and originate the route of of resetting your blueprint to default, press the Dwelling button 5 times, Swiftly Ahead thrice, and at closing, Rewind twice.

Now we hold a corpulent manual detailing how to factory reset your Roku blueprint, nonetheless attain be obvious or no longer it is one thing you ought to attain sooner than hitting the button. By factory resetting, you can lose your entire installed apps, tale info and particular person app login crucial aspects. You are going to have to manually re-enter all of these crucial aspects after the reset, so simplest exercise this as a closing resort if, snarl, your Roku blueprint is running into necessary performance elements or experiencing bugs or system defects continuously.

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