13 Things I Wish I Knew Prior to Starting Minute Tina’s Wonderlands

A player aims a gun at a dragon in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

Screenshot: Gearbox

For people who’ve played Borderlands, you’ve played Minute Tina’s Wonderlands. Gearbox’s newest, a fantasy twist on the loot-shooting series for which the studio is identified, feels plenty love the earlier four video games—and 400 expansions and events—in the series. You shoot a bazillion weapons. You get a bazillion extra.

But Wonderlands is bigger than meets the behold. I’ve spent basic of the previous week messing spherical with the game, and bear found it an incredibly refreshing damage from the common Borderlands blueprint. In reality, I—and this would be onerous to imagine—bear even needed to study some new issues. Listed below are 13 options and options I wish I knew from the begin.

You will be able to grab a 2nd class

Wonderlands facets six classes, and has you bewitch yours whereas rising a new character. Every class has honest one skill tree, and whereas the taste text offers you a first price overview of each and every person, it would now not let you look the total skill tree. Personally, I hate when video games fabricate you bewitch a class from the begin: It’s a bummer to fabricate such a the truth is most valuable different with out having any clue how the game performs! Wonderlands, nonetheless, makes it slightly of the next tablet by allowing you to grab a secondary class down the road. That probability turns into accessible after you are making the “Emotion of the Ocean” story mission.

The map in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands shows a feather icon for fast-travel.

Discover this symbol for easy like a flash-traveling.
Screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku

You will be able to like a flash-lunge from the draw

Confession: I spent the principle few hours of Wonderlands like a flash-traveling from the completely different teleportation machines spherical its world. Yeah, about that…You will be able to like a flash-lunge right this moment from the draw by availing your self of the like a flash-lunge menu (in the draw menu) or by preserving “A” over any feather icons (additionally on the draw). Right here, here for convenience!

G/O Media may per chance per chance per chance obtain a fee

Gold gear is uncommon

Borderlands 3 shot itself in the foot by dropping gold-tiered items—the rarest gear, most of which has enthralling perks—at, oh, roughly the identical price it’d drop pickups love ammo and gold. In Minute Tina’s Wonderlands, a minimal of in the pre-endgame advertising and marketing and marketing campaign, I’ve found that gold weapons bear been blissfully uncommon. To this level, I’ve earned honest a handful. For people who’re taking part in a cordial game of “coopetition,” the setting the set loot is shared amongst avid gamers, take care of that in tips when it comes time to divvying up the spoils. Which you will be able to no longer investigate cross-take a look at one other gold sniper for a whereas.

Bonus tip for co-op: By its nature, the coopetition mode requires some competition. If that’s no longer what you judge to bear, that you just can honest play the common cooperation mode, the set loot is enthralling to each and every player. But it certainly’s most valuable, too, to condominium the “coop” section of “coopetition.” My rule? The rest dropped by cannon fodder is honest game. Loot earned from chests and bosses, nonetheless, requires diplomacy.

But no longer consistently better

Loot in Minute Tina’s Wonderlands is color-coded by a rarity system you’re likely mindful of, from most to least standard: white, green, blue, crimson, and gold. It’s 2nd-nature to evaluate that rarer gear is automatically better. But don’t sleep on the typical stuff. Gorgeous now, as an instance, with my valuable character, green weapons bewitch two of my four weapon slots. It’s rate inspecting and attempting each and every new gun out earlier than right this moment selling it off.

In single-player, that that you just must per chance investigate cross-take a look at all of a weapon’s recordsdata on a pop-up blurb by hovering over it on your stock. When taking part in splitscreen, nonetheless, you don’t investigate cross-take a look at any of that stuff. To obtain a rundown, you will must click the fair thumbstick.

There’s a particular noise for top-level gear

You will be able to location a loot’s rarity level by conserving an behold out for particular color-coded beams of gentle, but there’s one other disclose. When crimson gear drops, you’ll hear a ch-ching! (It’s slightly louder for gold weapons.) That’s your cue that there’s a uncommon merchandise somewhere on the discipline. Escape!

The extra dice you get, the higher loot you obtain

Most fair loot comes from chests and boss fights, but Wonderlands introduces a third probability. You’ll get golden, 20-sided dice strewn spherical the draw, basically tucked off the beaten path. Shatter them originate, and you’ll obtain a loot drop. And the extra dice you get, the higher loot you’ll obtain from the subsequent die you get in that given set of dwelling. You will be able to take a look at to investigate cross-take a look at how many dice you’ve found in a gaggle of dwelling by opening your draw, tabbing over to the “progress” tab, and scrolling down to the “fortunate dice” bar.

Melee weapons are in actuality efficient

For years, melee attacks in Borderlands bear been a shaggy dog story (with apologies to fans of Krieg and Zer0). Wonderlands upends that by introducing a new weapon class: melee weapons. These tools—axes, swords, halberds, maces, and other renaissance faire toys—are honest as efficient and honest as assorted as the “bazillions of weapons” the game’s advertising and marketing and marketing likes to trumpet. Consume them!

You will be able to acquire resources in bulk

It’s a trick from Borderlands previous that made its potential to Wonderlands: You will be able to press “X” (on Xbox) to bewitch up each and every particular person little bit of ammo or gold. Or that that you just must per chance relieve it down to acquire all the minor collectibles right this moment. (Right here’s deal precious for the completely different obtain quests which bear you gathering 20 goblin tooth or regardless of.)

Equally, preserving “X” whereas having a observe at a allotment of substances on the floor helps you to right this moment equip it in preference to popping it into your stock menu first.

A player looks at a blue shotgun in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands on Xbox Series X.

Spy that red bucket on those items on the fair? That arrangement one thing is marked as “trash.”
Screenshot: Gearbox / Kotaku

And also that that you just must per chance promote trash in bulk

The absolute top potential to impact cash in Minute Tina’s Wonderlands is to bewitch up every part, even the rubbish-level gear, and put it on the market. You will be able to imprint items as trash by clicking the left thumbstick over any trash items on your menu. The subsequent time you get a seller, basically by like a flash-lunge spots, hunch to the promote tab and press “Y” to promote off all of that stuff right this moment.

Elemental weaknesses relieve (gigantic time)

Weapons in Wonderlands can drop with one among four factors, each and every of which is extra helpful against a particular class of effectively being:

  • Fire weapons deal additional disaster against red effectively being bars.
  • Caustic weapons deal additional disaster against yellow armor bars.
  • Electrical weapons deal additional disaster against blue defend bars.
  • Frost weapons deal additional disaster against grey bone bars (a new-to-the-series classification of effectively being).
  • Okay, enticing, there’s technically a fifth “darkish magic” one, but it doesn’t deal any bonus disaster. It honest heals you.

Taking note of kind matchups isn’t most valuable in any admire on the common challenge level; that that you just must per chance slightly basic shoot your potential thru anything. But on intense, the easiest setting, it turns into crucial—and makes the game slightly extra enticing due to this.

You will be able to swap your weapons with the D-pad

By default in Wonderlands, that that you just must per chance press “Y” to swap weapons, whereas tapping left or simply on the D-pad helps you to mercurial cycle thru missions. In the period in-between, pressing down on the D-pad will swap a weapon’s fire mode, if, reveal, that you just can bear a form of admire sniper rifles that can additionally flip into a shotgun.

But in case you swap button take care of watch over schemes—in the controls menu, hit the fair space off twice—from the common setting to the classic one, you’ll draw your weapons to each and every path of the D-pad. In the early goings, if that that you just must per chance equip honest two weapons, relying on honest one button to swap isn’t a bother. If you begin carting four spherical, though, biking thru your weapons can obtain anxious. The finest intention back to swapping to the D-pad? To bewitch a assorted mission than the one you’re on, you will must [gasp] originate up your menu.

You will be able to space up the menu

Like earlier Borderlands video games, Minute Tina’s Wonderlands has a disaster of a menu, all cluttered and disorganized. But there are some group alternatives that that you just must per chance avail your self of. For your journal, that that you just must per chance press “X” to swap between two mumble modes. “Quest kind” differentiates between valuable missions and facet-quests and such, whereas swapping to “set of dwelling” will categorize your quests by, effectively, set of dwelling. For your stock, that that you just must per chance tap the fair space off to reorder your gear by rarity, weapon kind, and score (the truth is, its efficacy in terms of your level).

Water kills you

Wonderlands is space in a fabricate-imagine fantasy world within a fabricate-imagine sci-fi world, the set ghosts and dragons are as standard as folk, the set pirate ships can appear out of thin air, the set you your self can carry out each and every form of feats that far exceed what any human may per chance per chance per chance make. However the 2nd you touch water? Uninteresting. Along with a piece of your gold. You’ve been warned!

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